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WordPress Custom Development

Are you looking for WordPress custom development services? You are on the right page.

I will be very short in describing this service.

Creating custom-developed WordPress websites with a pixel perfectly converted (your) design into a modular website that is easy to use, easy to update, easy to upgrade, and SEO-friendly coded website.

Anything more? Please contact me!

Of course, before I step into coding, (1) we will briefly check your design in the initial meeting, (2) make a scope of the project, (3) wrap it up with a bullet list of things that we need to achieve and develop, (4) start doing it, (5) Test, test, test, (6) publish it and (7) celebrate! ???

After all of these steps, YOU CHOOSE, whether you want a WordPress Website Maintenance service or not. This has proven itself useful. It is a monthly-based service including bug fixes, updates, backups, and custom things if you need them. This service is TOTALLY ADAPTABLE to your needs. Also, the price varies on how big or complex the project is.

Do you need a custom functionality added to your WordPress website? Ok, tell me more.
Contact me, and we will have a meeting to analyze your requirements, write them down, estimate them, and guess what? Yes,celebrate! ???

Also, you can find me on Codeable OR hire me directly there.